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Creative Digital Practice & Theory Mash Up
CDPT Mash-Up is a practice and theory mash-up lab sited within the School of Creative Arts, Film and Media at the University of Portsmouth UK.

CDPT Mash-Up encourages and instigates projects based on both cyber and traditional creative practices and critical approaches and explores the practical and theoretical applications of convergent cyber technologies in a variety of disciplines.

The Mash-Up team are...

Dr Trudy Barber Principal Researcher
Prof Paul McDonald Academic Mentor
Ed Woodroffe Business and Strategy Co-ordinator
/ Research Asst
Hilary Cooke Creative Strategy Co-ordinator
/ Research Asst

Stuart Olesker Community Liaison
Simone Gumtau University Inter-Dept Liaison
Maxine Wesley Technology & Education Liaison
Claire Sambrook Creative Businesses Liaison
Denise Callender Project Continuity Liaision
Stephen Smith Designer
Chris Briggs Technical Liaison